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The best resource is the one that can be saved


Resource efficiency is defined as the ratio between benefit and use of resources required for this purpose. The benefits can be provided in the form of a product or service. The lower the necessary use of resources, or the higher the benefit of the product or service, the higher the resource efficiency. If resource efficiency relates to products, they can be improved along the life cycle of the product by various means. Examples are the avoidance of composites and lightweight and miniaturization already in product design (Design for Urban Mining), savings of raw materials during production, reduction of consumables in the use phase and the possibility of separating and sorting and recycling of recyclable materials in the technical or natural cycles. The need to increase resource efficiency with the aim of decoupling economic performance of environmental consumption was already formulated in the late 20th century.

> Avoid shortages - technical and economic availability of certain raw materials
> Elevation of market potential and competitive advantages for resource efficiency technologies for sustainable modernization of the economy.
> Reduction of negative environmental effects resulting from the extraction and processing of raw materials, the use of the products produced therefrom and their disposal and thus the preservation of natural resources for future generations.